Modification and Enforcement Attorney in Denver

Once upon a time, most people worked at the same job for their entire working lives. Very often, there were very few adjustments in terms of responsibility or salary. Those days are gone now. Today, most people do not work at the same job for more than about three years. Even if they work in the same place, job transfers, promotions, and demotions are quite common.

These changes usually involve custody and child support modifications. With regard to parenting time division, informal “side agreements” may be unenforceable. It may not matter if they are written, signed, and even notarized. Very often in these situations, one parent unilaterally decides to go back to the way things were before. If that happens, the other parent may not have legal recourse.

The same thing applies to child support payments. Even if income changes, the prior order is still in effect until it is legally modified. Significantly, child support changes are not usually made retroactive prior to the date of filing the request to change child support except in special circumstances. So, putting off a legal reduction or increase could cost you thousands of dollars.

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