Child and Family Investigator (CFI) in Denver Metro Area

A Child and Family Investigation is as a limited scope investigation conducted by a court appointed expert.  If parents make allegations regarding drug abuse, domestic violence, mental health, etc., the court may appoint an expert to investigate these concerns.  Dawn Rodgers is an approved court appointed Child and Family Investigator who has completed the necessary training and possesses experience in family law and child protection cases. 

A Child and Family Investigator is a neutral third party.  As part of the expert’s investigation, parents, the children, references, teachers, therapists, etc. may be contacted to obtain information.  A home visit of each parent’s home is also done.  The expert analyzes this information based on training, experience, and the best interests of the minor children and then completes a written report based on the court’s direction of the scope of the investigation.  The Child and Family Investigator uses the best interests of the minor child in their legal analysis except in few circumstances where a different legal standard may apply.  The report can include recommendations to the court on parenting time, monitored sobriety, decision-making, relocation, therapy, etc. 

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